Party theme ideas for girls can span all ages of child, and they can be a lot of fun to plan. They’re also fun to experience, and can be a bonding time for you and the little/young girl in your life. Here are some theme ideas.

1. Tea Party

Few things say “feminine” like a fancy tea party. Try some of these ideas to throw a lovely tea party for a little girl.

  • Provide a trunk of dress-up clothes, complete with dresses, high heels, gloves and hats, for guests to dress for the “formal” party. A local consignment shop, yard sales, and second-hand store can help provide fun, dressy clothes.
  • Stuffed animals and dolls can be made welcome at the party. Guests can bring their own along.
  • Consider plastic or other non-breakable tea cups for younger girls. For older girls, a pretty tea cup can be a favor and hold their tea for the party.
  • Serve tea-appropriate dishes such as finger sandwiches and petite fours.
  • Tea bags, cups, and jewelry make nice favors.

2. Fairy Princess

Little girls often dream of being or meeting a fairy princess. For a party theme, try some of the following ideas to make her dream come true.

  • Ask a friend or neighbor (or do it yourself!) to dress up as a fairy princess and interact with the guests. Or let your little girl dress as a fairy princess for the day.
  • Crafts can work well with a fairy princess theme – guests can make their own tiaras, fairy wands, necklaces, and bracelets, then take them home as favors.
  • You can decorate in a castle theme, maybe using cardboard to make castle turrets and doorways. Or use ethereal lace and gauzy material to decorate. A castle centerpiece can be made or bought.
  • Party games might include a dragon piÒata, or pin-the-horn-on-the-unicorn.

3. Cats and Kittens

Don’t many little girls love cats and kittens? Try a party theme along these lines.

  • Use face painting to make guests look like cats, and have some cat ears on headbands for guests to wear. Guests can wear leotards or other cat-like costumes if they like.
  • Serve foods in (clean) kitty bowls and dishes.
  • Decorate with cat toys and posters of cats and kittens.
  • Favors might include a pot of live catnip, small stuffed cats, kitty stickers, and kitty-themed jewelry.
  • Cut party foods into shapes of fish, mice, and chicken legs.

4. Horses

A lot of little girls love horses. Try an equine party theme!

  • If possible, see if guests can interact with a real horse or pony. A miniature horse would make a fun outdoor guest, or, if you can afford it, arrange horse or pony rides for the party. If you know someone with a horse (or you have one yourself), supervise guests and let them feed the horse carrots or go for a brief ride.
  • Bales of hay or straw can provide seating for guests outdoors. Outdoor games might include a game of horseshoes, or hang apples on a tree and let the guests eat them without their hands! Indoors, you can always pin-the-tale-on-the-pony, or let guests paint their own model horse.
  • Small toy horses, stickers, bracelets with horse-shaped charms, or paint-by-number sets make creative favors.
  • A horseshoe-shaped cake can be fun, or decorate a sheet cake with small plastic horses.

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