Class Overview

Our Infant-Toddler program is staffed by highly trained teachers dedicated to providing safe and nurturing care. We are sensitive to the individual needs of infants and toddlers and provide one-on-one care that enhances their learning experience utilizing educational toys and stimulating activities. Our nursery is designed to encourage interaction and be visually soothing. This exceptional program gives our little ones an opportunity to socialize and introduces them to variety of stimulating activities.

Arts and Crafts

We Foster a warm and caring atmosphere that puts the needs of each family first . Our Family -Friendly teachers pay attention and respond to the children’s ideas and feelings and encourages open communication .


Our play areas are inviting spaces where care and attention is paid to organizing space both in and outdoors. Our play areas beckon children to come and play, investigate, explore and discover.


Each classroom teacher is certified in early childhood education. What we do not only includes educating your children, but educating ourselves as well. Our staff actively keeps up with the latest research in early childhood education and attends professional development programs. All with ht goal of giving your children the quality education they deserve.

Interactive Play

we take an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education